Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring? Already?

It's the end of February & by all accounts it should still be cold & wet, but N TX is just not seeing that this yr.  El Nino weather patterns have kept things fairly warm, if windy.  It's just past the full moon.  The sky is crystalline clear - not even a wisp of cirrus cloud in the sky.

I'm prepping for my Trip Of A Lifetime.  It's still 10wks away - oh jeez I'm counting in weeks now instead of months! - but I truly only have a couple of things left to do:
  • Oyster Card - purchase ahead of time, or at a visitor center once I'm there?
  • Heathrow Express train tickets
  • Finalize the order on Amazon for a small camera (don't want to use my phone) and a power converter - all paid for with Rewards & Recognition points from work so... Free!
  • Purchase cash -  that means converting USD to GBP!!!  (why does this give me the giggles?)
  • Purchase shoes!  I have trouble w/ all those tiny bones that were previously broken, so that means... really, really good ones.  That means... expensive.  I have a feeling they will be worth every penny.
I need to do some general clothing purchases, but nothing specific for the trip.  I just haven't replaced my work trousers/slacks/jeans in almost 2yrs.  It's time.  I seem to have developed a permanent butt & knee imprint in everything.

I'm also in the middle of mad preparations for the Museum's annual Hangar Dance & Dinner.  That's Mar 26 this year, so only 5 wks away.  Gah.  So much to do!

And I've been seeing ghosts of cats in my apartment - I catch them out of the corner of my eye, and feel a fleeting weight when they jump on the bed.  It's comforting to know that they loved me too.  I miss them terribly, but I seriously don't miss the litter boxes AT. ALL.  But... perhaps when I'm back from traveling I'll make a trip to the pound for a pair -  Odin & Freya?  Winnie & Frank?  Nick & Nora?  Watson & Adler?

We'll see.