Friday, March 11, 2016

Travel Updates & a Supernatural Visitor

My gut is in knots from anticipation of the trip.  Part of me just wishes it was over already.  The anticipation just wipes me out.
  • Oyster Card - purchase ahead of time, or at a visitor center once I'm there?
  • Heathrow Express train tickets
  • Finalize the order on Amazon for a small camera (don't want to use my phone) and a power converter - all paid for with Rewards & Recognition points from work so... Free!  Done
  • Purchase cash -  that means converting USD to GBP!!!  (why does this give me the giggles?)  Done
  • Purchase shoes! -  I have a day off next week mid-week so will go then to get these.
 Next week I'll get shoes.  The Oyster card & the Heathrow tickets will be next month.

Yikes.  It's only 8 weeks out!  

And now for something that I'm positive will make you think I'm absolutely bonkers.

I have an entity in my apartment.
I've known it was there for a while - actually right after I moved in 2yrs ago I knew it was there.
It's a solid male presence that is not in any way related to the spirits who are attached to me. (ex-husbands & guardian angels)

This entity is attached to the building, or at least the place.

Last night it spoke.


It was a deep, rumbling voice that made me sit straight up in bed.  It said a word that I recognized in the night, but now cannot recall. 

The first time I heard the rumbling, it was just that - a rumbling.  Months ago.  Scared the crap out of me.  Oddly, last night did not scare me. It basically just pissed me off.  Because I've done the energy work to clear the space, I've burned sage & prayed & claimed it....

It's like we're playing tug-o-war over the space.

So, okay - maybe it's time to leave.  I want to buy a house, but I can only do that if I make the commitment that I won't be doing anything else for years to come.  And I've lived in apartments all over this city, and can't get comfortable anywhere. 

AND I have just decided what desk to purchase & how to arrange the furniture to make it more comfortable & less cramped.... and now this.  *grrrr* 

So... what do you think?  Stay?  Move? Sane?  Bonkers?  Comments welcome, but no bashing please.