Tuesday, April 12, 2016

updated Trip Updates - what's up w/ Blogger?

And the countdown to Trip Of A Lifetime continues!  Here are some updates:
  • Public transport card- purchased - awaiting delivery delivered !!!- decided to get the visitor card which can also be used on the River Cruise (!!!)
  • Shoes -  purchased - first round were fine in the store, but awful at home (FinnComfort & Waldlaufer).  Went back & got different shoes - went for comfort & am really happy.  Ended up with Clarks.  I highly recommend.
  • Cell phone - plan updated for international travel.  :-)  Whew!  Almost forgot that!
I'm gathering small items for pre-packing:  
  • liquids bag (detergent, Febreeze, shampoo/body wash, face cleanser, hair spray, liquid makeup)  
  • medications bag (prescriptions, ibuprofen, Zyrtec, Pepcid)
  • Makeup & tooth care bag
  • incontinence supplies - because Lawd only knows where the public restrooms are
  • camera & charger, book & spiral notebook & pen/pencil

Am working on printing off some walking directions from the hotel to some specific spots - because I hate to carry around a huge map book and I despise GPS. It's my first trip abroad & I'm terrified I will forget something.... important.  Gah.

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