Monday, June 6, 2016

Thoughts on Adventure - Installment 3

Day 3 (Thurs)
Took the bus! to the British Museum where I met Pam & we talked non-stop & I coughed my head off (too hot) and was simply overwhelmed by the collection.  I saw Viking artifacts & mummies & the Rosetta Stone.... and so much more!  (Is it just me, or does the Rosetta Stone feel quite... deliberate?  As if someone knew we would come along one day & need a translation device?)  I was happy to have a personal tour guide (Pam has been there many, many times) - we did a rush tour, hitting all the highlights.  If I had been alone, I would not have seen quite as much, nor had quite as good a time doing it!
British Museum

Elgin Marbles

Staff of Celtic Cross (grave marker?)


Viking helmet, shield, sword
Rosetta Stone

 Then we walked to the tube station & rode to St Pancras Station & it was beautifully restored! Just as I had seen it in a hundred BBC productions.  And there was a Fortnum & Mason there, where we had tea, scones & the best carrot cake ever.  Very posh!!

At St Pancras Station

Tea at Fortnum & Mason w/ Pam

Dregs of tea & cake - YUMMY

Day 4 (Fri) 
I was exhausted, so went down early for breakfast & came back upstairs & slept some more.  In the afternoon I walked leisurely through Kensington Gardens (beautiful!)

Kensington Palace far in the distance
Italian fountains - Kensington Gardens

 and down to the Museum of Natural History - WOW.  Dinosaurs/bones, birds, human evolution, etc... The Darwin Center (The Cocoon) is simply amazing. 

Ceiling- Mus.of Natural History
Stairs - Museum of Natural History
Darwin Center

Museum Natural History

Museum Natural History


  1. How lovely that you could make a friend to chat to. I have traveled alone, but it is harder work I think, having to make all the decisions.

  2. I found traveling alone to be freeing, by not having to make sure someone else was happy, or entertained, or fed. I did an amazing amount of research & made all my decisions about travel/hotels & what I really wanted to concentrate on before I left, with a few open days for ad hoc activities. Yes, I would love to have had a companion to share it with, but I was surprisingly okay on my own.

  3. Yes, I can see the advantage of having only oneself to please. I have never had a problem with going to a movie or to a restaurant alone, but I wasn't always sure if the area I was in was safe or not. I do think women are taught to be more afraid than it is necessary, but that doesn't help much when you're someplace strange, it's getting dark and there are loads of guys in black leather jackets... That's sort of joke about when I first moved here. Black leather jackets were not widely worn 20-some years ago in Oklahoma and I leaped to scary conclusions that were totally wrong. That said, I still err on the side of caution and if I'm uneasy I stay in after dark. But on the whole in Britain I would say that the tourist areas area always reasonably safe during the day.

  4. Shelley: I probably jumped to those same possibly-erroneous conclusions in Notting Hill Gate. The area has become "little Russia" and it was the only place I went where I was not comfortable. I'm not one for staying out late/after dark at home, & followed my same rules while there.
    Love the "black jacket" story!