Saturday, July 2, 2016

Half-year of spending - not what I intended

My anxiety level is up lately.  It's been a year of spending - a half-year of spending, I guess, since we're only in July.  Some of it was planned - the trip to UK, for instance - but some not so much.  This worries me, since I had planned for other uses of the income that will now have to wait.

I've had more trips to the Dr. this spring than anticipated.  First it was allergies & asthma.  Now I've wrecked my ankle; seriously sprained a couple of times, and now it looks like there's a stress fracture in a couple of bones.  I will probably be wearing a walking cast/boot for the next 9 weeks - right through the heat of summer.  Ugh.

Then there's the pile of (very expensive) shoes I bought for the trip, hoping to minimize the pain/discomfort of the wrecked ankle.  Money spent that could have been (should have been) spent elsewhere.  I should have gone to the orthopedist  before the trip, instead of 2 months after.  I might have avoided much of this pain/discomfort and expense.  (head bonking here)

My car gave out.  This was not completely surprising, since Echo was 17 years old & had 269,000 miles on her.  She was burning oil like crazy, there was something wrong with the front end and also with the axles (tie rods) in the rear.  I was really hoping to keep her going until the end of the year, but of course she had other things in mind.  So, quite suddenly, she had to be replaced.  I now have a 2007 Honda Civic (Vicky) with 68,000 miles.  She's a beautiful little car, and a bit of an upgrade for me.  I'm hoping that she'll be with me for another 10 years.

And suddenly everything around me is reminding me that retirement is looming.  It's still 5-7yrs out, but I'm trying to prep for it, for the real changes it will bring.  And continuing to spend at what feels like an breakneck speed, when I feel that that income/cash really needs to be In. The. Bank. (or 401(k)/IRA).

I'm trying to remind myself to just B R E A T H E.  But *today* that's easier said than done.

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