Thursday, September 1, 2016

Writing a novel is hard!

Who knew that writing a novel was this much work?

Who knew that all the scenarios & vignettes and fan-fiction bits & character studies I've written would still leave me short of actual skills needed to pull all the threads of detail together.  I've spun the thread.  I have no idea how to weave it into a pattern  (with either loom, or hook, or long thin needles). 

I know that there are events that mark the story:  
  • Death/murder
  • A wedding
  • Autopsy report / initial findings
  • A funeral
  • A major/final confrontation

And there are initial confrontations and decisions to dig for information - to go where only police are supposed to go - and in the background there is a reason, a cold case that needs to be resolved and is the foundation that the current murder sits on....

It's too much, isn't it?

I spent a few hours yesterday making notes on post it's and putting them randomly on my story board.  And then rearranging them.  And then deciding to layer them....  frankly it's a bit like laying out a patchwork quilt before you start sewing.

I know how I want it to end - and it's a bit complicated but you know you have to tie off those threads with good knots or the whole thing will unravel.  Two more people will die, and another will be injured.  Two people will resolve their issues and find their deep affection again (without legal ties).  Justice will be served for Clive after 70 years of waiting.  And for Mildred, who held the painful secrets from the past.  An innocent will die protecting a new friend, and the evil-doer will perish at long last.  He will, however, not find remorse for what he did/caused.  He will just find an end.

Secrets will be revealed, justice will be served, love will come full circle.
The truth will out.


  1. Gosh, that does sound hard - more than I am likely to ever attempt. I have enough trouble figuring out all the details in my real life and trying to make them come together without making up a fictitious story. So my hat is really off to you! I suppose you've heard about how J K Rowling organised her Harry Potter stories?

  2. I love JKRowling, and my hat is definitely off to her. My story may sound complicated/complex, but is actually so simple in comparison. It does, however, take a bit of dedication. And in actuality - all my grumblings notwithstanding - it's really fun!