Friday, January 20, 2017

Always in motion is the Future

Yoda said that the future is always in motion.
Today I have motion sickness...  just a slight nausea from staring at the rolling waves of the future for too long.

The ancient Norse mythology says that the Old Man wove the skein of your life long ago...  but I feel like mine is in danger of unraveling.

The yoga instructor reminds us to simply breathe.  B R E A T H E  Let the waters/energy/emotion flow around you.  Stay in the moment. 

Some days that's just too damn difficult.

So... because I can....  here is a lovely photo to help relax the mind & remind us to just B R E A T H E.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Reading days

I'm deep into WWII and Cold War history lately, and my lovely SIL found these for me.  All topics I love:
Churchill (of course), spies & planes.

The top book in the photo adds to my current collection of Churchill material & I'll work my way through it slowly, like a textbook.

The second book (A Covert Afair) is the story of Julia and Paul Child as undercover spies in the OSS.  Betcha didn't know about that!  :-)

The last lovely coffee-table sized tome is all about the British Warplanes of WWII.  A subject near & dear to my heart.

Here's hoping you received a stack of lovelies to enjoy throughout the next year, and your list for next year includes authors not on the best-seller list.