Monday, April 3, 2017

Changing roles

For the past ~6 yrs I have volunteered at a small WWII museum. I've done just about everything there: office/admin work, maintained mailing lists, composed the quarterly newsletter, docent, cleaner, chairperson of various events, liaison with local associated groups. But after this past year's worth of high anxiety and divided focus, and the most recent event (my SIL almost died last week), I decided that it's time to let go of the Museum, and put my focus on my family and my writing.

This is not to say that spending so much time at the Museum was bad or the wrong thing to do. Quite the opposite! I've learned more there than I could possibly have imagined while working there, and not all of it has to do with facts and events.  Actually, most of the things I've learned have to do with interacting with others, issues of protocol, budgeting, event logistics, etc. And I've expanded my knowledge of WWII history.

I've also learned a good bit about how I operate under stress, what I can handle and what I can't. I've discovered that I don't multi-task nearly as well now as I did when I was younger. I need real focus in order to do something well. I certainly don't work well when I have someone standing behind me, staring over my shoulder, and others in the room carrying on raucous conversation. And when I have one ear on the front door, waiting to greet random visitors, while composing a letter of thanks or condolence, or personal invitation to an event.

I've gone through several nicknames over the years, Drama Queen being the latest, and the least favorite. I never expected that my life would turn into a soap opera! I never expected that High Drama to bleed over into every aspect of my life.I never expected to have anxiety-induced high blood pressure, either.

I'm looking forward to expanding my weekends to include more down time, reading, writing, relaxing, focusing on the grand-kids and family. I want to pick up a yoga or tai chi class.  And I expect I will still be involved with some of the Museum's events; I just won't be the one in charge.